Letters To Leaders, Water Issues On Tap



Take Pride Letters

Help save the towns of Pine and Strawberry by participating in the letter campaign from 10 a.m. to 2.p.m. on Saturday (tomorrow), May 10 at the Pine Community Center.These letters are asking for Federal help to remove the dead trees in the Tonto National Forest, especially around our community. Sample letters are written, envelopes are addressed and stamped.

What the Take Pride Committee is asking for is your signature and help manning tables. Letters have been addressed to Governor Janet Napolitano, Congressman Rick Renzi and Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl.Each person can send four letters.That's eight letters to a couple.Take Pride is counting on 250 couples. Bring a pen -- and another couple with you -- every little bit counts when it comes to protecting our homes.

Siren Update -- Again

It's dry and it's getting warmer. We are already in red flag conditions -- no burning and no warming fires. Residents are reminded that anytime those sirens sound -- the first thing to do is turn on the radio and tune into 1420 KMOG -- our local AM station.

All agencies will be feeding information to the public via KMOG.

KMOG is the primary source of information for any emergency or disaster.

The Pine-Strawberry Emergency Task Force is asking you to ask your neighbors and friends if they know where to tune if the siren sounds. The siren is tested on Saturdays at 11:55 a.m. to remind you to ask others if they understand the use of the sirens.

Here is another good communication tip for your family. Decide on a ‘check-in-person'. This would be Aunt Lucy in Louisville, Uncle Rich in Phoenix, Grandma in Galveston, or Bill over in Boise -- but the key is that this person does not live in the area.

If you were to encounter a disaster while Dad is at work, Mom is shopping and the kids are at school. You will need a contact point to reunite at some point. Everyone in the family knows this number and calls to check-in and then arranges for a meeting location.

Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District

The seven dedicated volunteers elected to tackle the job of finding a long-term water solution for the Pine-Strawberry community will meet at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, May 10 (yes that is tomorrow) in the Senior Dining Hall at the Community Center in Pine.

Among the standard reports, the board will take up discussion and possible action on a request for the district to facilitate, and partially fund, a preliminary valuation and 10-year forecast for the purchase of the Pine and Strawberry water companies, currently owned by Brooke Utilities, Inc.

Our water is key to our future -- the public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Pine-Strawberry School District

Five civic-minded volunteers have been elected to oversee the education of our children. This governing board meets at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 13 in the conference room at the school.

This time of year budget issues are at the top of the discussion list -- come sit in and find out just what you might be able to do to help.

Date night in Pine!

Cultural happenings bring family and friends together to celebrate the arts. Grab as many friends, family and strangers as you can round up and treat them to a night of refined culture.

The production of "Sure-footed Sue and Pecos Bill meet the Dirty Dan Gang" stars our kids. The junior high students of P-S have been practicing, rehearsing, building the set and creating costumes in order to put on a first class production for you -- their favorite audience.

Tickets are free -- so you can afford to fill up the SUV with comrades and cowboys.

By showing up with an abundance of applause and laughter you are sending a clear message of support and approval to the youth of our community.

By making it a date with your favorite people, you add to the experience for yourself.

Don't miss the opportunity.

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