Sunday Is A Great Time For All The Best Sentiments



Is there ever a "right time" for anything? Would yesterday have been better to accomplish a specific task or should we wait until tomorrow? Who knows?

Sure, there a few deadlines that we are duty-bound to meet, but most of them can be adjusted with approval.

April 15 is tax day, but everybody should know that they would always be granted an extension by filling out a form or calling the IRS.

Voting must be done on one specific day unless you ask for an early ballot or become a motor-voter. The list of unalterable deadlines is really awfully short.

The Bible relates that there is a time to live and a time to die -- and even that has been changed. Through medicine and the use of expensive equipment and talented medical staff, a baby might have life-saving surgery in the womb. Life for millions has been extended for literally decades because of the advances in medical specialties and the really cool slew of pharmaceuticals, too.

Supposedly, Christmas and all the trappings of the days are inviolate and no child opens a present before mom and dad get out of bed. Think back -- did you ever get to open a gift on the day or evening before the holiday? I know some folks that open everything on the 24th and even one woman that opens each gift as it arrives at the mailbox or is delivered by the front door. If your troop ship or plane disembarked after Christmas by a week or two -- didn't your family and loved ones keep the tree up and leave all of the gifts unopened until you came home?

OK, then is there ever a perfect time for anything? Are we to assume that time and dates will always be tweaked a bit to suit our needs? Should we adhere to the rule that a date is cast in stone and sacrosanct? The answers are easy: yes, probably and youbetcha.

We always have time to apologize, say we are sorry and ask for forgiveness. It is never too late to make amends, do something over or restate the obvious. Time will wait for our Id to catch up to our heart.

All of this is fine but what about those inviolable tenets. The first one that springs to mind is "remember thy mother." There is but one right time to do the right thing and that time is Sunday, at the minimum.

Observance is not predicated on the value of a gift or the size of the card. No, it is all bound by that act of recognition.

Timing is everything. Why not hit the local stores in Arizona Rim country and pick up a box of candy (we make it local, too)? Maybe she'd love a beautiful bunch of flowers or a potted plant (the florists deliver)? Wouldn't she enjoy a special gift that can be wrapped with a bow?

You might give your mom clothes, jewelry, movie tickets, a nice gift certificate or a beautiful antique item. Employ a local cleaner to make mom's home spotless. Take your mom or grandmother to dinner. Ask your mother-in-law if you can lighten her load in any way and don't overlook the needs of that widowed lady you have known for years.

Without moms we'd all be nothing. Sunday is definitely the right time to do the right thing. Call all the mothers you know, but don't forget those mushy cards.

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