Murphy Needs To Grow Up And Take Responsibility



It's time that Mayor Murphy stopped using the power of his office to further his personal vendetta against the Payson Police Department and Police Chief Gartner.

Mr. Murphy was elected to do a job. Instead, all he's done is try to blame the police department for his own bad choices in his personal behavior.

Get over it, Mayor Murphy, and grow up. I know teenagers who are better citizens and take more responsibility for their actions than you do.

You and the town council need to focus on spending money to find water for Payson, make sure we have good education for our children, and improve streets and street lighting.

Spending $100,000 to investigate the police department is ludicrous. Instead, give the hard-working police and firemen and women of Payson a raise. They put their very lives on the line to protect the citizens of Payson. Focus on the job at hand, Mr. Mayor, not on your personal vendettas!

Susan Frederick

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