There Are Other Ways To Solve Our Water Problem



A positive approach to solving our water problem.

The Salt River Project is the only thing standing in the way of Payson growing as it should as a beautiful city in the cool pines of northeast Arizona.

The SRP was formed in 1902 by the National Reclamation Act and lays claim to all water in the Tonto National Forest watershed. But this act has been changed 114 times. The most interesting change was the Floor Control Act of 1954 which allows cities such as Payson to construct flood control facilities, such as a catch basin, to capture the run off water which leaves the city by way of the American Gulch.

The city could buy the golf course along with the vacant 27 acres to build such a catch basin. This would, of course, kill two birds with one stone. A well run golf course would be a great draw to the overheated citizens of Phoenix and bring needed tourist dollars to our city.

Let's stop thinking small. Let's stop mining water under Payson. Let's stop trying to get someone else's water outside the city limits (Diamond Point).

We should hire Bruce Babbitt to represent us. I understand he is available.

The present Secretary of Interior can make all this possible. Let's stop bickering and just do it before the well runs dry. Is this city government capable of such forward thinking? I hope so.

I challenge them to "just do it!"

Jim Matych, Payson

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