Civility Sadly Lacking Toward One Another



I would like to address what I believe is a serious problem in our community and our country: the lack of mutual respect and civility. The cartoon on the editorial page May 13 is what prompted this letter.

We have been in the throes of various opinions regarding the recent war and will soon be facing another presidential election. In England, the parties not in power are referred to as "the Queen's loyal opposition" in recognition of the fact that no one is in exclusive possession of the truth and that respecting and listening to the viewpoints of all best serves the country. No such respect was displayed in that cartoon. It did not add a point of view that could serve to further public debate about any issue. It was simply a nasty bit of name calling.

As a whole, our society seems to have decivilized into an attitude of "it's my way or the highway." I would challenge the Roundup and all of us citizens to endeavor to be more respectful in our behavior toward others, whatever we may privately think of their opinions. It's one thing to present a lucid argument in support of one's position, while quite another to engage in mean-spirited name calling. Our great nation was founded on high ideals of liberty and equality. We demean ourselves, our country and our God when we demean one another.

Mailyn Abbas, Payson

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