Clarifying ‘Our View' Vs. ‘My View'


Most people know that in every edition of a newspaper a reader can expect to find a written editorial expressing the opinion of the management staff or the editorial board of that particular paper. This is true for most traditional news publications throughout the country.

The editorial positions published in the Roundup are labeled "Our View" just as the editorial opinions of The Arizona Republic are labeled "Our Stand."

Newspaper opinions are a combined effort and generally include the thoughts, words and ideas of a number of people and therefore are labeled in a way to reflect that collective effort.

Occasionally, someone on staff will write an editorial that is labeled "My View" which will then carry the writer's name. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it usually means the management staff that makes up the editorial board could not come to a consensus about the editorial, or the author feels so passionate about an opinion that he or she wants to write it in the first person.

On Friday May 9, 2003 we published an "Our View" editorial that expressed an opinion about what we consider bad politics on the part of Payson Mayor Ken Murphy and Councilor Robert Henley. We were all in consensus on this issue and so, the editorial published as an "Our View."

Murphy recently made a public statement on KMOG radio that we did not place a name on the stated opinion because we lacked the courage to do so.

In my book, an "Our View" is a much more powerful editorial and carries more weight as it takes a consensus that would indicate the opinion was formed on solid information. But if a name will help, I will gladly supply mine as a personal opinion.

I personally believe that Mayor Murphy and Councilor Henley need to stop wasting the taxpayers' time and money with their incessant pressure on the council to do an expensive, unnecessary external audit of our police department. No matter what they claim, it looks bad in the eyes of the public for our mayor to force feed this issue in light of his reputation and the many occasions he has spoken ill of our officers and our police chief.

They need to step back and allow Town Manager Fred Carpenter to do his job. The council already voted their confidence in him and I believe he is a man of fair judgment and good character.

Publisher's note:

On pages 6A and 7A there is a two-page paid advertisement featuring a report from a group called Citizens for Better Payson Government. While the organization voices similar concerns about Murphy and Henley, the staff of the Roundup had no involvement in this effort. No one at the newspaper is a member of the organization and we do not endorse, or contribute to the group in any way.

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