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Q: I'm concerned. I just found out that there is a drug rehab home at 307 South Bassett Lane called Stepshouse. This is right in a residential area where many families with children and elderly people live. Are the residents being given drugs like methadone to get them off hard drugs, and what security measures are being taken to protect residents in this neighborhood?

A: Yes, there is, and the Roundup did an in-depth story on the facility in November 2001, to allay the fears of neighbors. But just to be sure nothing has changed, we talked to Vicki Ruble, house manager.

"It's alcohol and drugs, but up here we have more alcohol," she said. "They're probably picturing junkies, but that's the exact opposite of what it is here. This is not a methadone maintenance program.

"Residents have to be clean and sober. They have to have jobs. Most of them are in counseling with Rim Guidance.

"As far as security, residents are strictly supervised. They're on strict curfews. They're not even allowed to take cough syrup or gargle with Listerine.

"If you didn't know it was a half-way house, you wouldn't know the difference."

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