Payson's Taxes Already Too High, New Projects Will Cost $13 Million



The citizens of Payson need to wake up and realize that we will be voting in September on more than $9-million in bond issues for items including road projects, improvements to the multi-event center, public safety, etc.

We are already the highest taxed community in Arizona!

If approved, this will raise our taxes even higher. We are being told that the sales tax part of this will be only a "temporary" increase; but it will take 15 years to repay the bonds. Over that period of time the $9-million will actually end up costing us about $13-million.

When all of this began, the citizens were supposed to have the opportunity to vote on each project individually. But now the 18 projects are being lumped into only three ballot items. This makes it impossible for the citizens to approve only the projects that they feel are valid.

The town department heads are hoping that other items on their wish lists (which probably wouldn't pass if voted on separately) will be approved since they are lumped with the more important items. The citizens should have been given the opportunity to make these choices, not the town.

To add insult to injury, this election will probably be by mail-in vote only. Does that sound fishy to you? Is the town trying to get more people to vote, or is there a more sinister reason? You decide! Then, let your council members know.

However, you are going to have to move quickly, as the council is scheduled to approve this voting method with an emergency clause at this Thursday's meeting. No one is sure how the mail-in election will work. But, with this much money on the line, now is not the time to find out!

Perhaps if the town had been using available monies to improve the roads all along, instead of wasting them on other pet projects, we wouldn't be having this problem. But here we are and the citizens of Payson are the ones responsible for paying back these bonds. Speak up now!

We have the freedom and privilege to vote and express our views; we can agree or disagree. Let the council know how you feel about lumping the projects together and voting by mail. Payson is great!

Diana Sexton, Payson

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