When Did Henley Get Insight Into Police Work?



It would seem from Mr. Henley's comments in the article printed in the Payson Roundup on May 13, 2003 that he believes the Payson Town Manager and the Payson Chief of Police are absolutely incapable of doing their jobs of managing the Payson Police Department without his oversight.

His comments would lead us to believe that he is the only one capable of making reasonable suggestions for improvements for training, staffing, procedures, policies, and technology.

He implies that the town manager and the chief of police have to have their hands held to make the everyday decisions necessary in the implementation of policies and the spending of funds budgeted for the use of the police department.

Could that be true?

Is Mr. Henley the only person in the town of Payson capable of making these decisions? When was the last time he served in a law enforcement agency to give him such great insight? It seems to me that we either hired men who had the qualifications and who are capable of doing their jobs or we didn't.

If the town manager and the chief of police are capable of doing their jobs, then they should be allowed to do them. Certainly, they should be capable of making recommendations to the mayor and town council as to the needs of the police department to ensure the service levels for Payson now and in the future to meet the goals of the town council.

We don't need to spend taxpayer's money to micromanage people that are qualified and should know what they are doing.

If the town manager and the chief of police are guilty of some impropriety or mismanagement of their duties, perhaps then an "organizational review" (as Mr. Henley calls his investigation) is in order. Otherwise, our tax dollars, whether it's $20,000 or $100,000, could be put to better use than a frivolous review of the police department.

Susan Frederick

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