Senior Survey


The Roundup asked Payson High School's graduating class of 2003 to respond to a survey before they graduate and make their way in the post high school world.

Some of the opinions stated here will change as each student gets older, but for now, this is how the graduating class of 2003 feels about wisdom, the future and their experiences at Payson High.

Here is a sampling of their responses:.


"Having to sing ‘Kris Kringle's Kreations' in front of my economics class." -- Lauri Leafty

"Admitting I'm in band." -- Katie Hill

"When I was a freshman playing varsity basketball and I shot at the wrong basket." -- Trista Carlton

"Slipping down the stairs by the trailers and falling hard when it was icy -- everyone anticipating and watching." -- Martin Garcia

"When I was de-pantsed in front of a girl's P.E. class." -- John Cronin

"Being ditched by my date at prom." -- Russell Wegner

"I'm not telling!" -- Stephanie Sieben

"When I fell going up the stairs to the trailers." -- Jessie Brown

"When I was walking down the stairs from the trailers. My foot slipped and I tripped." -- Andrea Bach

"Falling on my face on the ice in front of everyone." -- Kyle Kent

"When I broke my arm letting my friend hit me with his truck making an economics video." -- Joey Johnson

"Running out of gas at the Wendy's drive-thru window during the lunch hour." -- Katie Carpenter

"Homecoming float building. I learned that running in flip-flops in the dark leads to falling in shady holes and tearing up hands and knees." -- Malori Heppler

"Anytime I asked a girl out." -- Dillon Ward Davis


"Don't be scared." -- Steve Barr

"Turn in scholarships on time because if you don't, the guidance center gets really mad at you." -- Lauri Leafty

"Work hard and don't procrastinate. And remember to respect the upperclassmen!" -- Windy Jones

"Just show up and do your work." -- Bryce River

"Remember -- everyday is a new day." -- Mike Savage

"Be cool, stay in school." -- Layton Howell

"Don't let the boys make you cry--they aren't worth it." -- Kelly Hageman.

"Always be yourself and don't let anyone stand in your way of doing it." -- Priscilla Greenwade

"Don't give teachers attitude, they're here to help." -- Stephanie Sieben

"Actions speak louder than words." -- David Curtiss

"Don't try to impress others. Be yourself and they will like you for who you are." -- Jessie Brown

"Wear sunscreen." -- Josh Sprinkle

"Suck it up and stick to it." -- Andrea Bach

"Buy Cliff Notes and save yourself some time." -- Lucas Schmidt

"Don't put things off." -- Matthew Ward


"On the way to see a movie, my date was pulled over for not having his lights on." -- Cassie Carter

"Dating? What's that?" -- Lauri Leafty

"Freshman year, broke." -- Martin Garcia

"Boys in this school aren't dating material." -- Jennifer Vandruff

"It was romantic and nice." -- Melissa Ochoa

"In my book dating and Payson don't go together." -- Holly Lane

"I never dated anyone from Payson." -- Stephanie Sieben

"Perfect." -- Nicole Lee Neff

"H--L on Earth!" -- Leland Candelaria

"You expect me to remember something that uneventful? Sorry, I can't." -- Andrew Steedman"

"I don't date PHS boys!" -- Katie Carpenter

"I don't date PHS boys!" -- Malori Heppler

"Haven't dated in Payson. I've known them all too long to be attracted to practically any of them." -- Lucas Schmidt


"Mr. Quinlan, because I've learned so much in his class and he's an awesome teacher." -- Lauri Leafty

"Mrs. Van Zile, because through her hard work and dedication, she has taught me so much about English and life." -- Windy Jones

"Mr. Wade. He slapped some sense into me." -- James Huddleston

"Mrs. Gibson, because she cares about each individual and tries her best to help" -- Trista Carlton

"Mr. Siler. He is so awesome and I will remember all the many lessons he has taught me." -- Jennifer Vandruff

"Mr. Quinlan and the Silers. They've taught me to love literature and to find myself -- thank you. " -- Cassie Carter

"Coach LaMonte taught me that hard work and patience would pay off and it did." -- Bryce River

"Mr. Alvarez. He was always teaching us a lesson on life." -- Jonathan Beeson.

"Mrs. Carpenter is the best! She's treated me like her second daughter." -- Lisa Jackson

"Mr. Hoyt. He taught me a lot and I actually enjoyed his class." -- Katie Whelan

"Mr. Wade. He taught me that it is OK to be a little crazy sometimes." -- Karilyn Flake

"Mr. Mayer 'cause he's one hip cat!" -- Nathan Acord

"Mr. Pauley. He was tough but he definitely teaches you what you need to know." -- Andrew Steedman

"Mr. Wade because he showed me an awesome new way to think." -- Lee Nelson

"Mr. Lubetz, because he really encourages you and pushes you to do your best in his class." -- Katie Carpenter


"Don't procrastinate!" -- Lauri Leafty

"Always ask directions before going to prom." -- Joey Johnson

"Don't date younger people." -- Jennifer Vandruff

"Don't take things personally--it's not all about you." -- Cassie Carter

"Time management." -- Holly Lane

"It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up." -- Johnathan Beesch

"Don't get in a land war in Asia unless you can win." -- Josh Sprinkle

"Never date a cheerleader." -- Kyle Kent

"Stress and worry are wasted emotions." -- Kelly Hageman

"Don't party at Doll Baby Ranch!" -- Malori Heppler

"Choose your friends carefully. They will influence you more than you will ever know." -- Sarah Chasse

"Don't be afraid to defend your opinion and stand up for what's fair and right." -- Lisa Jackson

"Every gain comes with responsibility." -- Matt Gartner

"Get plenty of sleep on school nights." -- Lee Nelson

"No matter what happens, life goes on." -- David Curtiss

"Be good to the less fortunate." -- Matt Johnson

"Don't take AP classes." -- Lucas Schmidt


"Kimberly Feezor--she's always been there for me." -- Lauri Leafty

"Who has time for friends?" -- Windy Jones

"Rachel Ray and Shay McGee--they have always been there through thick and thin." -- Trista Carlton

"Every one of my friends are meaningful." -- Martin Garcia

"I love my sister, Tina. She is my very best friend." -- Lisa Jackson

"Laura Baker--she's always there to encourage me." -- Jessie Brown

"My most meaningful friend is Terri Pete. I love her like a sister." -- Jennifer Sartell

"My dad." -- Matt Johnson

"Danni Finnman-- she's always been there for me, even when I didn't deserve her." -- Kelly Hageman

"My mother" -- Ashley Dryer

"God." -- Nathan Acord

"Sheriff Colton White, car #A206." -- Sarah Clifton

"Derek Daniels -- he defines the true meaning of a friend." -- Kyle Kent

"Elizabeth Goodale. She's been through everything imaginable with me in the past five years." -- Victoria Lynne Scott


"Working full-time and making $35K a year to start." -- Tyler Pettit

"I plan to go to Yavapai for two years, then Western Australia University for two years, then come back and graduate from Columbia University." -- Holly Lane

"I'm going to Pennsylvania State University in the fall to study business and party." -- Lisa Jackson

"I'm going to work on my dad's ranch." -- Matt Johnson

"Yes -- Scottsdale Culinary Institute." -- Kyle Kent


"The snowball fight at 2:30 in the morning over fall break" -- James Huddlestun

"Getting a superior at the EAC Large Group Festival" -- Katie Hill

"When we were champions of the region in soccer" -- Trista Carlton

"Performing the play ‘Matchmaker' as an old lady." -- Jennifer Vandruff

"Sending out graduation announcements." -- Devon Leckliter

"Painting my whole body for the Wickenburg football game." -- Jeremy Heairet

"Getting the school's first state championship in soccer." -- Lucas Schmidt


"Duct tape is all you'll ever need." -- Sarah Chasse's father

"Just let it go!" -- Katie Whelan

"Life is a garden -- dig it!" -- Melissa Ochoa

"Don't procrastinate unless you like stress." -- Malori Heppler

"Never regret life because then life would have no meaning." -- Kyle Kent

"A big mouth don't make a big man." -- George Coleman

"The key to life is within your heart. The only way to use it is through love, caring and kindness." -- Ashley Dryer

"Don't hold on just because you are afraid to let go." -- Jennifer Sartell

"May your world be full of color and your crayons never melt." -- Lauri Leafty

"Keep passing the open windows." -- John Irving

"Should have done my work." -- James Huddlestun

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