Pamper Yourself At Payson Day Spa And Salon


The new, 5,100-square-foot Payson Day Spa and Salon on Highway 260 started five years ago as Payson Therapeutic Massage Center at 616 S. Beeline.

The business was the brainchild of Kristi Horn. With the help of her sister-in-law, Jessica, their mother, Betty, and father, Buck, they were able to bring the brainchild to life.


Tracy Fitzpatrick (seated) is assisted by Payson Day Spa and Salon hair designer Kelly Nemire in selecting a change for her hair. Nemire is one of 15 women providing talented services in hair and skin care, manicures, pedicures and more at the spa salon.

"She is very spiritual. When Kristi saw the Rim, she knew this was the place it had to be. Kristi really believes in massage and its medical benefits. Betty is just an old-fashioned Texas girl, who says ‘Come on in!' Welcoming everyone and making them feel comfortable," said brother, Steve Horn.

The business started with a single massage room where Kristi worked, then Jessica joined, and they had two massage rooms -- one with an Oriental theme, the other with a nature theme. Facials and a thermal sauna were added, then hair care, and soon there was no more room at the Beeline location, Steve explained.

"We started the company to provide service to the people of the Rim country who were in need of the benefits of therapeutic massage. We felt it was our duty and privilege to do something everyday, no matter how small, to increase customer satisfaction. We truly recognize the fact if we have no customers, we have no business. You have to take care of your customers. Customer satisfaction is very important, we take care of them," said Betty.

The family decided the property at 815 E. Highway 260 would work for what they wanted to do. Steve said Buck designed the renovations to the old athletic club, while Kristi picked the colors and had a hand in the work to change the structure into the elegant, comfortable retreat it has become.

"This was a complete family effort. I don't think I could have done it without the help of Buck, Steve, Kristi and Daryl (Kaufmann), and Jessica," Betty said.

Steve, and Kristi's fiance, Daryl, added their muscle to the actual remodeling: building walls, laying tile, painting, creating a waterfall and all the other tasks involved in the six months it took to turn the large, cavernous weight and aerobics rooms into a spacious salon and a collection of small, comfortable rooms for massages, facials, a thermal sauna, and body wraps.

The only space remaining untouched is the racquet ball court. It is being used for storage and a staff lounge, but it is available for future expansion.

There is also room for the staff to expand, although right now 15 women are working at the Payson Day Spa & Salon. Besides the contributions of Kristi, Jessica and Betty Horn, the spa's staff includes Corie Allen, Jeana Harrop, Marilyn Iverson, Cindy Johnson, Monika Jones, Porschia Jones, Cheryl Mileham, Kelly Nemire, Esta Pettet, Sundi Randall, Judy Spivey and Elaine Yamada.

Steve said the salon still has five stations available for rent. The hair stylists and manicurists rent space and sell their own products.

"A lot of them had their own businesses before joining us," Steve said.

The staff has been in the facility almost two months now and held two different open houses, one where there was a Rim Country Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony May 12, and another, more formal open house on May 17.

Steve said business has been really good, "We have not been able to print enough brochures."

The brochures list the services offered by the Payson Day Spa and Salon, plus prices. The services include: Swedish massage; salt rub; seaweed body wrap and Slenderwrap; five kinds of facials; 10 different kinds of manicures and pedicures; reflexology; paraffin wax treatments for hands and feet; tanning; waxing-hair removal; plus complete hair salon services.

The future will bring the addition of the services of a noted plastic surgeon from Scottsdale, Dr. James Nachbar. Dr. Nachbar will perform out patient treatments such as Botox and collagen injections, Steve said.

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