Personal Life Does Not Affect One's Ability To Lead



A little information from Ken Murphy's co-workers and friends:

It seems like all you ever hear about Ken is negativity. For once, a few of his co-workers and friends would like you to hear our opinion of Ken. We are people who are around him daily, both professionally and personally. He has had a tremendous amount of stress in his life, but still finds it within himself to hold his head up and attend work, council meetings, community functions, etc. It takes a lot of strength, in our book, to continue to be responsible and to keep professional engagements when so much negativity has been stated. For those of you that think you know him, maybe you should talk to those of us that do know him. You would find out that he is not the donkey that you may think he is. We all say that we are proud to be Americans and to have freedoms. As far as having freedom, we do not believe that Ken is getting the freedom that he deserves. We should all stand by our mayor, and behind him. Ken has done a great job with all political issues involving this town and the people that live here.

Ken's personal life does not change his ability to make morally correct political decisions that have impacted all of us in a positive manner.

We do understand that Ken is our role model as our mayor, but one's personal life should not be the main focus of one's ability or capability to be the mayor, or the administrator of Manzanita Skilled Nursing Home.

This has gotten so out of hand that the employees of Manzanita Skilled Nursing facility are being slandered also. We, as staff, think Ken does a great job. He works with us, as a team player, to continue to better our facility.

We do appreciate those of you that have stood behind Ken as a leader.

Bobbie Jo Martin, Amy Zuber, Deanna Browning, Tracy Tucker, Donna Pettet, Bonnie Anderson and Linda Housekeeper

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