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Q: I recently spoke to the Payson Water Department and they said they have no intention of notifying people that the town is at Level 2 water restrictions. Why can't they just send a mailing out to notify everybody?

A: "It's been in the paper. It's been on the radio," Janelle Figueroa, customer service supervisor, said. "And what we can do, and what (Public Works Director) Buzz (Walker) has asked is that it be put on our bills that go out when it changes. That we will do."

Figueroa also commented on a recent What's Up question about the town's water bills not providing customers with gallons-per-day usage information like Brooke Utilities' bills do.

"There's a lot of information on our bills," she said. "If you want an average daily use, divide (the gallons used) by the number of days, which is also on the bill."

In addition, the water department will provide any other information available on your usage and/or service if you give them a call (at 474-5242, ext. 4).

Q: I read the story in the Roundup about Channel 3 coming up here for Flag Day on June 14. Who made us Flag Capital of Arizona and what can the average citizen do to participate?

A: Then-Gov. Fife Symington originally made the designation in 1993 at the request of local flag-waver Lee Pretsch, but it was recently reaffirmed by Betsy Bayless, Arizona Secretary of State, when another Arizona community tried to lay claim to the title.

Call Pretsch at 474-2170 if you can volunteer some time to work on the local Flag Day event. The next planning meeting will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, May 27 at the Parks and Recreation Department office at Green Valley Park.

But most important, make sure Old Glory is flying at your house on June 14.

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