Where Do These People Get Their Licenses?



Regarding the column by Christy Wrather for Pine/Strawberry, (May 15 Roundup). The request being made for speeders in Pine/Strawberry to slow down and observe the 35 mph speed?

A stop sign in the Pine residential area is a joke; the 25 mph signs are another.

A person in a vehicle, who stops at a stop sign is taking a huge risk of getting rear-ended. For example, the offenders who run stop signs will pass you on the left or right of your stopped vehicle, whichever side has the most clearance. This person is driving in the 40-50 mph range.

The four-wheelers are other offenders. They also are guilty of the above -- plus, they pile as many bodies on them as possible.

It would appear most of these people got their license at the feed store -- or do they have one?

Mac McKeever, Pine

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