Lessons Of Freedom, And Children Who Listen


Monday was an amazing Memorial Day in the Rim country.

I was so proud of all those who worked hard to organize the events that honored our veterans and helped us remember the many men and women who died protecting our freedom.

I was touched by the spirit of patriotism and impressed with the involvement and interest of our youth in these events. Young people from area Scout troops handed out flags and flowers to local veterans; members of the Civil Air Patrol stood respectfully at attention under a hot sun in front of the veterans war memorial during the ceremony at Green Valley Park, and they also presented the flag during the Round Valley ceremony; choirs from PHS and RCMS performed beautifully and reverently in honor of our fallen veterans; parents brought their children to area cemeteries to see the graves of those who they never knew, but served so that they might grow up in a land of freedom.

Words alone cannot express my gratitude to everyone who planned for the special day. I also am grateful to everyone who took the time to pause in their busy lives and remember, and especially the parents who are teaching their children about the soldiers who prepared the way before us.

It is my prayer that we, as a nation, will never become so busy or arrogant that we forget how blessed we really are, or forget the brave men and women who gave their lives in defense of the precious blessing of freedom.

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