Personal Problems Should Not Become Town Problems



The (advertisement) in the Payson Roundup entitled Citizens for Better Payson Government was not written by a group that speaks for the majority of Payson.

We, the people of Payson, without a doubt, have always known that the mayor of our town has a lot of personal problems. He has not learned to hold his peace, and think before speaking. He forgets to pick his words wisely, has a quick temper, and often chooses words that offend. He has shown himself lacking in self-control regarding personal issues.

However, he has not been afraid to speak his convictions for the betterment of our community. Whether he is right or wrong, he has always had the best interests for Payson close at heart.

I, along with many others in our town, agree that it is proper and necessary for areas of our various departments to be monitored and watched over in order to provide accountability. This protects not only the various departments, but also provides protection for those in leadership. A certain amount of accountability does not indicate mistrust, but is just good business.

What I, as a taxpayer, am seeing is disharmony and discord within our officials. There should not be any personal agenda while working on the community's behalf. Our elected officials should put aside all personal feelings and work for the whole. As a voter, I am seeing my elected officials' personal issues becoming community issues, and that is unacceptable. They are elected to work for the people, not stand on personal platforms. As professionals, they should be able to put away personal issues and represent the people. As I watch the elected ones working together, it shows me their true character.

I am not writing this article in defense of Mayor Murphy; however, I am defending the office he holds. The fact that I ran for office, proves he was not my first choice. However, the fact is -- he won. This is where we, as a town, are now, so we must get through it the best we can and show ourselves wise. Stop putting ourselves first and make the town our No. 1 concern.

Payson, we must keep a close eye on this issue. Watch and listen carefully to each of our elected officials and what they have to say. We can see the true nature of a person when he or she is under pressure.

Diana Sexton, Payson

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