Tyler Speed Limit Controversy Ends In Compromise


A handful of vocal residents living off Tyler Parkway attended Thursday's town council meeting to urge councilors to reconsider the new 40 mph speed limit that was approved 6-1 two weeks earlier. The speed limit on Tyler was originally 25 mph, and the residents were asking for a compromise of 35 mph.

Residents brought up the question regarding whether Tyler Parkway was designed as a bypass or a residential street.

Town Engineer LaRon Garrett replied that it was, in fact, called a loop road initially. Residents claim they were told it was a residential road.

Garrett also said that although the new 40 mph signs had been ordered, they could be sent back if council voted in favor of the change.

The majority of residents who spoke, took the opportunity to attack a recent editorial in the Roundup and an article written two years ago during a similar controversy that labeled them an "elite few who cowed the council."

The councilors, for the most part, sat quietly, interjecting a few comments and questions, but mostly listening to emotional commentaries, mainly aimed at the Roundup.

After Mayor Ken Murphy allowed all interested parties their time at the podium, the council unanimously approved the action to make the speed limit on Tyler Parkway 35 mph.

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