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Q: With the water restrictions recently imposed on Payson residents, when is the town council going to exercise some kind of leadership in putting a moratorium on building subdivisions?

A: They are. As the Roundup reported on Friday, May 2, "The Payson Town Council is struggling with perhaps the most important challenge it faces -- how to manage the town's water supply to ride out a drought that could go on for another decade or longer."

The story recounted a discussion of "safe yield" at a council meeting held Thursday, May 1, during which Public Works Director Buzz Walker presented the council with four options for reducing demand increasing water supply, the fourth of which was "a worst-case moratorium on new building permits."

The council proceeded to discuss the options both realistically and thoughtfully, with an eye to the impact such a moratorium would have on the town's budget.

"After 75 minutes of discussion," the Roundup reported, "Mayor Ken Murphy summarized the council's concern. ‘We want to do what's right by this community in terms of our water supply,' Murphy said. ‘No council ever wants to face this situation, but unless we get more rain this drought has had a huge impact on our predictions of what we can supply for our residents, and this could be a long term event.'"

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