Don't Water Vending Machines Benefit Us All?



I am concerned about Payson removing pure water vending machines. Its been noted that each machine wastes 3-10 gallons of water per gallon purified. Certainly a lot of water, but is it really wasted?

Doesn't reclaimed water go to water recharge projects like Green Valley Park, or used to water golf courses, or sold to contractors for keeping dust on roads in control?

There must be other uses I am not aware of as well.

Recent claims of MBTE in wells around town, not to mention other pollutants from past leaks, concern me as health issues.

Perhaps Payson could remove the machines and allow a quality water-purifying store to vend clean water to the public, or rethink the term wastewater.

People deserve to be able to buy fully-filtered, chlorine free, safer water in Payson.

Ron Coulter, Payson

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