Grandmothers Speak Out Against Abortion



Rebuttal to Ms. Pappas of Pine, of May 6, 2003:

As a 65-year old grandmother of eight, and a 57-year old grandmother to be, we are proud to live in a town that kept Planned Parenthood out years ago, for when we see the words Planned Parenthood, we see the 40-million of aborted babies that they have promoted as of April 2003. The good they might have done is canceled out by those numbers. Not only do abortions kill God-given life, but the mothers suffer forms of depression, and other disorders in their latter years.

Science now can make even an 11-ounce baby live, and yet they are called "fetus," instead of baby, by abortionists.

Parents are able to tell their children the dangers of free sex just as effectively as Planned Parenthood. The list of wishful parents wanting babies is endless, but very few are available due to the great number aborted.

God have mercy on America, for each conception is kissed to life by the giver of life, Almighty God!

Sylvia Brawner, Diana Pattay, Payson

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