Let's Pray For Early Monsoon Season



This week is the last week in May, and time has flown past so fast, I don't remember springtime. Most of the lilacs in Tonto Village did not bloom this year, and we are keeping our fingers crossed about the apple blossoms. The light frost that we had the first week in May could have spelled disaster to the blooms.

Many of the bulb plants such as tulips, and iris, struggled to bloom and in some cases did manage to put out a few flowers. The weather is extremely warm for this time of year. I am hoping for an early monsoon season so that the forest gets its dose of welcome moisture.

The warm weather did not deter the open house at Rancho Tonto last Wednesday. Brenda Slapnicka took my husband and me for a tour while Randy was manning the grill roasting up the hot dogs and hamburgers. It is a beautiful spot for fishing or even renting the cabin, which is beautifully decorated by Brenda, or having a picnic with your family and cooking up the trout on grills that are provided, after you have caught your very own trout fresh from the pond. On a grander scale, Rancho Tonto is a perfect spot for a company party or wedding.

If you would like more information about Rancho Tonto, call Randy or Brenda at (928) 478-0002.

On the mend

My husband was in outpatient surgery at Payson Regional Medical Center last week, and he wanted to thank all the personnel who were so helpful and friendly to him and made his experience a nice memory. He can't remember all the people, but just a few that were so kind to him were Dr. Cornett, Betsy, Mary, and Bill, the anesthetist. We know we are leaving out some of the great staff, we apologize for that, but Bill wants to thank them all for the great care he received from the outpatient personnel.

Welcome, Danny Boy

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Jimmie Ashley, one of our longtime Village residents, lost her dog, Petey. Through the help of Dr. Gonzalez, and a fine couple by the name of Don and Audrey Treat from Gordon Canyon Ranch, Jimmie was presented with a mini-dachshund by the name of Danny Boy. Jimmie was so appreciative, and wants to publicly thank Don and Audrey Treat for the thoughtful way they gave the dog to her. He will be given the finest of care.

Pool sharks

There are no results of the pool games that took place last week -- they will be added to the column next week -- but there is a funny story that did manage to give me a chuckle.

Ethel Cain was approached by one of the men who is a regular Sunday player. His name is Chuck Huth. It seems he wanted to know if he could play pool with the ladies group that meets on Tuesday evenings. Ethel told him that if he wore a dress, he could play. Well, sure enough, last Tuesday Chuck showed up wearing a dress, and a mustache. He played pool with the ladies, and wouldn't you know it, he placed third. I guess he really wanted to played pool really bad. Or he is a jokester. You be the judge.


I missed a birthday last week. Ron Strode in Tonto Village III, celebrated his birthday May 14. Sorry I missed it, Ron. I hope you had a great day.

June birthdays include Jerry Farmer, June 3; and Marilyn Lamb from Kohl's Ranch, June 6. Jerry is the former owner of the now gone, Country Store (we miss that store, Jerry), and Marilyn is one of the ladies who plays dominoes every Wednesday. Happy birthday.

The Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary will be holding its first meeting of the season at 10 a.m. May 31, at the Tonto Village Fire Station. Please try to be there, and that includes anyone in the other stations within the district. Important issues such as fund-raisers for the coming year and the yearly Labor Day BBQ will be discussed.

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