Please Obey Forest Restrictions



The weather is great and everyone is outside having fun.

Riding ATVs seems to be the fun thing to do these days, but you have to be careful and always wear a helmet.


An injured woman had to be air-lifted out of the Christopher Creek area Saturday after an ATV accident. Guiding the helicopter down are Christopher-Kohl's Deputy Chief Bob Lusson, Captain George Almann and Captain Scotty VanEckhoutte.

Saturday, a young lady had to be air-lifted out of Christopher Creek due to an ATV accident, and fortunately she was wearing a helmet. You need to use caution when riding through the forest because of the thick underbrush.

Current restrictions for Christopher/Kohl's Fire District:

All burn permits are suspended.

There is to be no open burning.

Smoking is allowed but only in vehicles, buildings, or a cleared area at least three feet in diameter.

Campfires are allowed but only in approved campsites. An approved site is defined as a site approved by the Forest Service in an attended campground, or any site on private property approved by the fire district.

Fire sites shall consists of a fireplace or fire ring, steel, masonry or stone structure that has been cleared of combustibles for 10 feet in all directions and not under a cover except with a chimney installed, with a water supply and hand tools available at all times.

Fires are not to be unattended at anytime. Propane stoves are permitted.

All approved fires must be dead out and cool if left unattended or when done.

Keep your campsite clean. Littering will be prosecuted. Find it clean and leave it clean. If it is not clean when you find it, take time to pick up litter to make your stay more enjoyable and to do your part to protect our forest.

Absolutely no fires on "Red Flag Day." Put your fire out immediately if the wind kicks up. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the red flag, when it is up at the fire station, that means no open fires, no smoking outside. Winds 22 mph and higher constitute a Red Flag Day, so pay attention to the fire station and if the red flag is up then you know you cannot burn.

All smoke should be reported to the fire department for investigation. Christopher-Kohl's personnel are patrolling camping areas and private properties to enforce fire restrictions. They will be recording license plate numbers, vehicle description, and other pertinent information to be forwarded to law enforcement personnel.


My daughter Frankie Jo wishes her dad a Happy Birthday. His birthday is today. Happy birthday from the two of us.

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