Thanks For Reminding Us About Memorial Day



The Roundup is certainly the written wind under our wings in Payson. I would have to go back to the Milwaukee Journal of the 1950s to remember a newspaper with such enjoyable and newsworthy content. Well, keep it up, and thanks for the editorial on Memorial Day.

As support in returning to more meaningful American holidays, let me share two short stories with you.

It is in the 1940s, and Lincoln Park on the lakeshore in Milwaukee, Wisc. is ablaze with flags. My grandfather holds my hand as we watch a small brass band parade past us. I am waving my little 48-star American flag in circle eights. It is grand. Grandfather bends down to give me a brass pin with a red, white and blue streamer attached. "This day and pin is for all the people who died for our country," he said. "We also go to the cemetery and honor our loved ones today."

...Flash... to July 1, 2002. I receive a fax from my company stating, that in order to facilitate easier factory shutdown, July 4th is a working day, and Monday, the 7th, will be our day off.

We need to remember why we are what we are, if we are to continue the American dream. We are not about kings and queens and celebrity games. We are real people, doing extraordinary deeds to protect a very special type of life. Life with the chance of fairness and justice for us all.

We need our American holidays to remember. Thanks for reminding us.

Bob Breen, Payson

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