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Q: Is it true that the new video store going in next door to Arby's is going to be carrying pornographic stuff?

A: "No," said Movie Gallery District Manager Steve McBride, and he has no idea how a rumor like that got started.

Here are some facts: Movie Gallery's official opening is Friday, June 6, but it will probably open Wednesday, June 4, at 10 a.m. in the location previously occupied by Rent-A-Flik. All rentals will be seven night rentals, with new releases going for $3.29.

Movie Gallery is the second largest video rental chain in the U.S., and is primarily located in small towns.

Q: Several parents who attended graduation said the Tonto Apaches supplied some generous scholarships. If that's true, I'd like to see it publicized.

A: Yes, it's true, according to Payson High School Counselor Don Heizer.

"They gave two scholarships, one to a student going to a four-year university," Heizer said. "They pay basically all expenses that are not paid through other avenues. And they give one to a student going to our local community college. That's a two-year. Winner of the four-year was Katie Carpenter and the winner of the two-year was John Ewing."

Watch the Roundup for a complete list of scholarships and recipients as soon as it is finalized and available.

Q: Q: Several months ago, Town Manager Fred Carpenter announced at a council meeting that possibly by June 1, the flight pattern would be moved to the north -- the unpopulated side of town. Where do we stand on this?

A: It's coming, according to Ted Anderson, Payson Municipal Airport manager.

"I'm in contact with the FAA on that," Anderson said. "I had to gather up some papers, and I can give you update after I talk to them.

"There's been some interest locally on the matter," Anderson added. "There's a couple of pilots that have said they're against it, even though most of them said go for it. Over all, it would be a benefit for the community."

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