College Is Not Closing



There is an untrue, persistent rumor circulating through our area that Gila Community College is going to close. I am writing this to put the record straight. The college is not going to close.

Yes, we are pursuing monies from the state to which the college is entitled. These funds would be used to expand our current programs and add new ones. They are not needed for the basic operation of the college.

The current funding provided by the county tax base is sufficient for the basic operation of the college. The monies denied by the legislature this year were targeted for programs such as those in the allied health fields -- specifically adding a nursing program. These funds are the funding expected by all Arizona community colleges and have nothing to do with whether or not we became a provisional district. They were taken away after the vote to establish the district.

I want to thank each of you for the continued support of higher education and our college in Gila County, and please help stop the rumor.

Dr. Barbara Ganz, president, Gila Community College

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