Lack Of Integrity, Greed Widen Gap



In response to Mr. Castelman (letter to editor Roundup Oct. 28, 2003): A study of history will show that Alexander Tyler correctly explains the rise and fall of any socio-economic structure. However, look a little deeper into his quote "the majority always votes for candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury."

The concern for our nation is not too much public treasury benefits going to the poor. The structure is creating the poor. Instead the drain on the fiscal structure is the manipulation of these "public treasury benefits" going into the pockets of corporate heads through political favors and kickbacks. We have become so complex now that we are blinded from what our friend Alexander Tyler warns us. The "majority" is not a mass of poor people with no money or property with merely voting rights. The "majority" today is in effect "the power" which, quite clearly from this explanation, will lead to dictatorship.

The gap between the rich and the poor is broadening in our country. Why? Because of lack of integrity and greed. The rich think the poor are greedy, and the poor think the rich are greedy. Why? Because everyone wants to blame someone else for his/her own greed. We've lost our integrity. Some people take advantage of welfare. Yes, we know that -- because of greed. What about the CEO who is paid 1000 percent more than his assembly-line worker? Is that the same greed covered with chocolate?

If we had integrity, the poor wouldn't take advantage of our welfare program, and the gap would narrow between the CEO's salary and his worker's wage.

Marie Fritz, Pine

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