Thief Needed Windmill More Than Me



I would like to take this opportunity to express my awe and respect for the thief's courage, audacity, and gumption at the theft of my green and yellow windmill. It probably took some planning and creativity to manage such a high profile undertaking.

Well, it has taken me many years to make it on Easy Street. God has given me all of my gifts, money, friends, house and other assets in this wonderful time in my life.

Unfortunately, you must not be happy with your life style. So, you take what others have worked for and saved to enhance their lives. Guess what, you did not take my windmill -- you took the Lord's windmill. I surely hope you enjoy the device and, believe me, I hold no hard feelings against you. The Lord must have felt I had too much, and you needed the windmill more than I did.

God Bless

David S. McElrea

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