Give Them A Bible, Don't Beat Them With It



I am appalled by the (Harry Potter event) protesters.

We had the same kind of foolishness at the release party I took my daughter to this summer.These people who think so highly of themselves should really take a good long look in the mirror, and maybe reread the passages on judging others.

Is it not a sin to put yourself above others and tell them they are going to Hell?Is it not God's decision who goes where?

If we want to win souls to the Lord, berating them and showing them how truly judgmental and hateful some Christians are is not the way to go.In order to win people to the Lord, we need to give them a Bible, not beat them to death with it.

We do, however, live in a free country. Thanks to the men and women willing to fight and die forur freedom,hese people have the right to behave in such an unchristian way. And thanks to those same men and women, we have a right to read and enjoy our Harry Potter books.

I just wanted to lend my support to the brave and wonderful Payson Public Library which had such a wonderful party.I hope it becomes an annual event.

Children turn more and more often to electronics and to see ahild pick up a book, any book, but especially a book of this size and difficulty is a wonderful thing.

Melissa Giasson, New Mexico

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