Going For A Ride In Christopher Creek



I have lived in Christopher Creek for 13 years and have seen a lot of cars drive through the "car wash" on Ford Lane, but I have never seen one drive in it.

Well, Tuesday Robert McWorthy changed all that when he drove across the car wash and his front tire slipped and he ended up in the creek without a paddle -- so to speak. Thank goodness Robert wasn't hurt. He did smash his fingers in the door trying to get out, but there were no serious injuries to him or the vehicle. Just a strange picture for residents to look at. Knowing Robert, I have to admit when the picture came across my computer screen I laughed out loud.


Robert McWorthy wound up in Christopher Creek at the low water crossing at Ford Lane when his front tire slipped off the road and took his vehicle over the edge and into the creek.

For those of you that are not familiar with this area, the "car wash" is actually Ford Lane. Christopher Creek runs over it and you have to drive through the creek to get across. Because cars drove into the water and some were washed -- more or less -- the crossing was called the "car wash". Very rarely is there much water running over the road there.

John Zaleska who lives above the creek took some pictures of Robert's mishap. Usually John is taking beautiful pictures of the creek in the fall and winter. This was a first, John said. I think Robert will be teased about this one for a long time to come.

Saturday, Nov. 8, gather at the fire hall at 9 a.m. to help decorate the highway for the holidays. This is a large task and lots of help is needed. I know everyone enjoys looking at the lights and displays, but not many realize how much work is involved. So take some time and get out and meet your neighbors. There will be a chili potluck at noon. So, bring your best chili for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday, Nov. 22 is the Fall Clean-up Day. Bring your bagged leaves and needles to the dumpster on Columbine beginning at 8 a.m. Help is available, just call one of the officers. There is a 25 cent charge for each bag to help pay for the dumpster. If your neighbor needs help, give them a hand.

Friday, Nov. 28 the highway lights go on at dusk -- hopefully. It seems every year we all play electricians and see how many sets of lights we can put together and hope they will light up. If all goes well it should be a bright Thanksgiving weekend.

There will be a "Bachelorette Party" for Toria Blank at the Landmark at 7 p.m., Friday, Nov. 14. Please plan to attend. That same night, also at 7p.m., there will be a "Bachelor Party" at the Double D for Bob.

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