Leave My Children To Me



To the Victory Chapel protesters of the Harry Potter library event:

How dare you inflict your simple-minded beliefs on our children!

I am a good Christian, local business owner and supporter of our local charities. Can you believe that I am, at this time, reading "Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix?" (And I am pretty sure that I won't be going to hell for it!)

I read "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" when I was in the third grade. I was also an active participant of " Dungeons and Dragons" throughout my school years. It does a person good to use their imagination. We learn to see that there is a big, beautiful and diverse world available to us all.

It saddens me that you see nothing but the walls of the little box you call righteousness.

And, by the way, Harry Potter and friends spend every chapter trying to do away with the bigoted and evil-minded people in their world. But you wouldn't know that, not having read the books. If you don't approve of the subject, by all means, don't read them, but leave my children to me.

Bill Bagley, Payson

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