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Re: Harry Potter protest:

My question to this church is what if this was your child who was attending a Bible study and the protesters were against what you were doing? How would you feel if your child was scared half to death? I'm sure you would be in an uproar. Why do you feel that you have to push your views and beliefs that your way is the only way.

Re: Harry Potter protest:

If they would read their Bibles, King Solomon called on spirits, and used witchcraft and was also one of God's people. I feel that the protesting people need to take a step back and make sure they know what they are talking about. It appears they only want to hear or read what they want to and not the whole truth. I have heard that the synagogue of Jesus and his disciples had the 12 astrological symbols on the floor, and notice there were 12 disciples. Lets just keep the kids safe and make sure that we are educating them properly.

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