Temperatures Hit Mid-20s



BRRRR! Frost is definitely on the pumpkin in Tonto Village. Most of this week, we have recorded the temperature in the mid-20s. That is downright chilly.

But we have one lone tomato plant that doesn't know how cold it is. We have new tomatoes coming on the plant. It is in a pot, so we bring it in at night, and take it outside during the day. We counted at least four new tomatoes on the plant. It will be interesting to see if we can keep it alive through the winter, at least long enough to see if we really get tomatoes off it.


After an absence of a few years, a wild turkey flock has made a return appearance in Bear Flats and Tonto Village.

Turkeys have been spotted in Bear Flats and Tonto Village lately. They weren't around for a few years, but now it looks as if they have come back. One of the residents of Tonto Village III tells me that they hang out in front of her house and are gone almost as quickly as they are spotted. Dara Sutton, who lives in Bear Flats, has managed to get a few pictures of the flock by her house. The flock started out with just a few hens and toms, but has grown in numbers in the past week.

Winners of the Halloween costume party last week at the Double D Restaurant were Bo and Doug Mathews. Doug was dressed as a humpback man and Bo was dressed as a big fat old lady. Second place went to Little Red Riding Hood otherwise known as Phaedra Boyce. The apple bobbing contest was great fun, wet heads and all, and Mike Edwards took first place.

Speaking of the Double D Restaurant, there will be a new addition sometime in the spring. Ethel and Danny Cain have decided to open up a convenience store as part of their business. This is really good news for the residents of Tonto Village and the surrounding areas. Everyone will be looking forward to this new addition to our village.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the Randalman family of Meads Ranch. Earl Randalman passed away quite suddenly on Sunday. Earl leaves a wife and two daughters behind. Earl has been a fireman in Tempe for a number of years, but always spent his extra time at Meads Ranch, and he was a regular pool player in the open tournaments held at the Double D.

Old-timers of this area might remember Charlie Sans. Charlie was Earl's grandfather, and Charlie had lived in Tonto Village for many years. Earl will be missed by all who knew him, he was well liked.

The winners of this past Sunday's pool tournament were Harvey Poyner, Betty Koutz and Ethel Cain. This past Tuesday, the ladies took over the pool tables and Nancy Olson, Jennifer Kiley and Kara Shaw were the top winners.

Tonto Village Fire District

There will be a board meeting Nov. 15 at the fire station starting at 10 a.m. Bids have been taken on the old fire truck, and they will be opened at the meeting.

There will be LPG training at the Houston Mesa Fire District station in Mesa del Caballo for all volunteer firemen in the surrounding area on Nov. 22. Call the fire station at 478-4875 or 478-0404 to sign up for the training by Nov. 19.

The wives and children are invited to observe this training and dinner will be provided by the Houston Mesa fire personnel. Wild-land training will take place in Prescott on March 15. All firemen need to sign up by Dec. 15 if you are interested. Please call Chief Alliger at the fire station.

Missed birthday

A birthday was overlooked last week. Tony Bryan, who turned 15, had his birthday on Nov. 3. Tony goes to Shelby School, our local charter school, and is the grandson of Danny and Ethel Cain. We all hope you had a great day, Tony.

Veterans Day is Tuesday, Nov. 11. Please give a thought and prayers for all our veterans, past and present, particularly our present servicemen who are in harm's way overseas. There have been many young people who have made the supreme sacrifice for our country, and they should all be honored. Also, fly your flag to show your support.

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