Why Would A Select Few Destroy A Community?



I am a weekend resident/ homeowner who has no say in the polls because I am registered to vote in Maricopa County. I want to be heard. I have concern every time my family leaves on a call.

My dad lives for (the Christopher-Kohl's Fire) Department. He has been a volunteer for almost 30 years and has always put the community first.

My mother is the only reason I still have my oldest daughter. She had an accident when she was six years old that would have killed her had Granny not taken care of the situation. When you see Chelsea at the end of her shift at the Landmark, she may be limping, but she is alive.

In my eyes, my sister has every reason in this world to walk away from her training. She was the first person on the scene of an accident and with all her training could do nothing to bring her own daughter back into this world. She did not walk away from her commitment to the community.

My brother-in-law, all muscle and stamina, runs down into the Box Canyon to help an 11-year-old boy. This big brute of a man, so gentle and caring, held and comforted this boy until medical personnel got their job done.

These people volunteer their time to our community. They spend hours in training so they are prepared for both firefighting and medical situations.

Yes, they support a board that our community elected into office. How dare a select few in our community set out to destroy all the good the volunteers and the board has done and attack their integrity. These attacks come in e-mails with such viciousness and back-stabbing that no one would believe an intelligent or sane human being would commit such words to paper

This is not about the fire department or the board. This is about one man, who has an inflated ego. He will do anything in his power to take out anyone who gets in his way or disagrees with him. This man has only been involved with the community a little over a year.

This must come to an end. There is a division among people that has never before existed. This community needs to say, "Enough!"

Let the volunteers and the board continue doing what they do best, serving and protecting us. Why should we let a few destroy what the "founding fathers" started.

Kathy Thickey, Christopher Creek

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