All-Night Bust Nets 5 Ounces Of Meth


A phone call to the Payson police foiled plans and profits for two alleged drug dealers Friday night.

The all-night saga began to unfold around 9 p.m., when Officer Molly Hunt went to a house on Summit Street to take a report from a man who said he had been threatened at gunpoint by 25-year-old Danny Ryan, of Payson, two days prior.

"(Ryan) had put a gun to his throat during a disagreement about a lighter," Sgt. Don Garvin said. "We

learned Ryan would be coming up from the Valley with a large amount of methamphetamine."

When Ryan and an accomplice, 22-year-old Brad White of Payson, arrived at the Summit house around 10:30 p.m., police apprehended the men.

"At that point, we detained two individuals," Garvin said. "We found concealed firearms on both of them, and over two ounces of methamphetamine -- all packaged for sale."

Both men were booked into jail on several charges, including possession of dangerous drugs for sale and carrying concealed weapons.

Officers obtained search warrants for their vehicle and hotel room.

While at their hotel room, officers noticed two teenage girls ducking in an alley behind the hotel. The girls, 14 and 15, turned out to be two witnesses officers were trying to locate for questioning.

"We were actually looking for these two juveniles because they were allegedly present during the incident where the guy was threatened by Ryan," Garvin said.

"What they were doing is they were going to the hotel room to meet with those guys who had the dope. We asked them where they were coming from and they said (another local motel). We interviewed them thoroughly and through the interview, we obtained information that there were possibly other minors at the (other motel room) and drug activity taking place, so under exigent circumstances, we went there."

Officers tried to open the motel room with a key, but the deadbolt was locked. Police gained entry and were confronted by a man holding a knife.

Garvin challenged him at gunpoint and the man dropped the knife.

"We ended up recovering methamphetamine and marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcohol in that room," Garvin said.

The two men -- Paul Slenk, 18, Payson, and Kevin Rogers, 27, Payson --ere arrested.

Two more girls, ages 14 and 15, were found in the motel room and arrested for possession of meth and marijuana.

"Slenk and Rogers were charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and contributing to the delinquency of a minor," Lt. Don Engler said.

By dawn, search warrants were in place for Ryan's hotel room and the Ford Explorer.

The hotel room search uncovered more than three ounces of meth, numerous items of paraphernalia, including pipes, scales, cooking implements and cutting chemicals as well as two loaded handguns and two knives.

Meanwhile, the Explorer was transported to the police station to be searched. Officers did not find any drugs, but recovered several boxes of ammunition, drug paraphernalia, and other items they cannot disclose due to an ongoing investigation.

Officer Les Barr brought in his German Shepherd, Kodiak, to see if he might uncover a hidden stash of drugs.

Kodiak appeared to pick up a scent under the hood. Officers dismantled the air filter but found nothing.

"Kodiak can pick up residue scent," Barr said. "It's possible that they kept the drugs under the hood while they were driving up here."

Officers recovered more than five ounces of meth -- a street value of about $7,000.

The four juveniles were released to their parents.

Ryan, White, Slenk and Rogers remain in custody in lieu of bond amounts ranging from $3,000 to $11,500.

"This investigation is still continuing," Engler said. "There could be additional charges."

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