Cable's Response Offensive To Suns' Fans



Kudos to reporter Jim Keyworth for his excellent investigative article concerning Cable Vision and their not televising Phoenix Suns basketball games. Clear, concise, informative -- good journalism, Mr. Keyworth.

I cannot understand why Mr. Beilmann of Cable Vision would utter such rash, stupid, and unsubstantiated words as "basketball in general and the Suns in particular are not all that popular among Rim Country subscribers," and "if you look at the number of people out there who would really watch the game or are really Phoenix Suns fans, that's really a very small percentage."

Those words of Mr. Beilmann have not only offended a multitude, an abundance, of Phoenix Suns fans who have been cheated out of seeing their beloved Suns play on their television sets, but could also rise up in the future and bite him. It's a competitive world out there, and the satellite fellows will be delighted to serve our Phoenix Suns to us faithfully on a silver platter.

However, Mr. Beilmann can make us all happy again by acknowledging there are a plenitude of Suns fans out here in Rim Country and presenting us with our Suns' games.

Pat and Norm Boettcher, Payson

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