Candidates Wanted For Council Race


Vice Mayor Barbara Brewer, and former Town Councilor Jim Chase have turned in their packets to run for mayor.

George Barriger, Planning and Zoning commissioner and Tim Fruth, assistant principal of Rim Country Middle School, have completed the steps necessary to run for positions on the town council.

According to town staff, only one other person has taken out the nominating papers to run for public office.

To those who have decided to run, we say thank you. But we hope there are others who also will take up the challenge of leadership for our town.

Over the past several months, there has been no shortage of letters to the editor, callers to local radio programs and posts on the Roundup website bulletin board, complaining about present leadership and calling for change.

Now it's time for opinion on local government to turn into action. Translated, we hope to see more hats in the proverbial political ring.

Payson has the best chance of moving forward if voters have a broad choice of candidates who will define the issues and bring to the arena of political debate a vision for our town. Through the election process, we define our future.

Those people who step forward do us all a service that can't be overestimated.

The mayor's position and three council positions will be decided in spring elections, but this isn't an issue of who wins elections. It's where, for democracy, the rubber meets the road. We, as a nation, pride ourselves on our system of self-governance. It is the system we are telling the world is worth a war. It is the system that we hope takes root in Iraq and sends a message of freedom throughout the Middle East.

Payson, like every other community in this country, is a microcosm for democracy. We demonstrate that it works when citizens step forward to seek office and voters go to the polls.

Every election is an opportunity to prove by example that it's still the best system in the world.

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