Harry Potter Teaches Loyalty, Teamwork, Unselfish Love



I am always amazed by people taking action based on (and sometimes proud of) their ignorance. Your story: Church protests Harry Potter event, by Richard Haddad, publisher, Friday, Oct. 31 illustrates this very well.
Victory Chapel Pastor Gary Basham was out leading his flock in a protest of Harry Potter, stating, "We believe that this Harry Potter thing is wicked." Yet, "Basham...admits he has never read any of the Harry Potter books". Similarly, I wonder if he has read his own Bible or knows of how it came to be written in the English version he probably owns.

Usually, people hunting witches reference the passage in the Book of Exodus 22:18 that says "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Because King James did not have enough scholars who knew both Latin and English, most of his translation was developed by having one set of scholars read the Latin, tell it to a second set of scholars in Spanish. This second set then wrote down, in English, what they had been told. One of the well-known mistakes is this passage. The original word meant "poisoner" (a user of herbs in a malefic fashion), not "witch"; but in Spain they used the same word for both.

I also wonder if Rev. Basham has studied the portion in the Book of Numbers about Balaam, the "magician" who not only prayed to God, but was answered directly by God and feared God enough to initially stand up against the wishes of King Balac based on God's instructions.

It might do the good Rev. Basham to re-read Jesus' words in Mark: 38, "For whoever is not against us is for us" and then read the Harry Potter books for himself. I think he would find them a very moral set of books where emphasis and importance is placed on the decisions one makes, loyalty, teamwork, unselfish love, and other values of character; and not on the "power" of magic. That "power" always fails in the face of the other values.

David Porter, Mountain View

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