Protesters Abused Their Rights



I am not surprised that the Roundup wins awards. Our newspaper calls it the way it is.

Sure protesters have rights, but subjecting innocent children to the barrage they received at the library clearly indicates to me that the protesters used little common sense.

How much of this do people have to take? A minority moves to dump the 10 Commandments, take "In God We Trust" off of currency, take "One Nation Under God" out of our pledge of allegiance, and now they want to "scare children to heaven." Naturally, the children were frightened.

We all should be frightened when a small minority strives to take over and impose their personal opinions on the majority.

Bravo on Our View in Friday's paper. Me and mine stand with you. The protesters certainly abused their rights and crossed the line of appropriate protest.

Bishop James Stewart, Cathedral of the Holy Nativity

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