P/S Volleyball Program Deserves A Hand



Congratulations to the really outstanding effort of our Pine/Strawberry volleyball team. They displayed extraordinary talent and teamwork at the Arizona State Small School Championship Tournament where they ultimately finished fourth after a tough, uphill battle. Great work, girls and Coach Arnold Stonebrink.

And, how could we overlook the Lady Longhorn volleyball team! Absolutely loved the spirit of all those beautiful, spunky gals. They may have just missed making the state meet, but they are all winners in my book. I put the picture on my fridge. It makes me laugh every time I walk by. Kudos to Wayne Rowland, the photographer, for capturing a "perfect moment" so well.

Also, hearty congratulations to Billy Bob and his rise on the golf scene. As a parent whose daughter competed nationally in gymnastics, I know, first hand, the sacrifices involved. When it pays off, you can truly appreciate all the many hours of practice, travel, later dinners, burning the midnight oil, keeping your grades up, and most of all - the support and understanding from the rest of the family cheering on the sidelines.

We should be so proud of the many fine young people in our community. Too often we read or hear about the drugs, teen pregnancies, mischief, or boredom among some of the local teens "because there is not enough for kids to do." Well, these kids showing up for practice and playing their hearts out prove otherwise. All of us should make every effort to support the arts, music and athletic programs available to everyone.

Ruth D'Arcangelo, Pine

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