Someone Needs To Provide Reliable Information



While I do not agree with everything Planned Parenthood offers, I do think education is the answer. Many kids do not feel they can talk to their parents or their parents will not talk to them. They get their "misinformation" from their peers.

I grew up in Payson and am a graduate of Payson High. While attending high school there, we had a population of around 500 students. Several of these were pregnant. Most everyone I knew was sexually active and very misinformed.

Teenagers need to be well educated about sexuality and know what the responsibility and consequences are. Perhaps Planned Parenthood can provide this education for the kids that they do not get from the parents.r, provide education for the parents, so they can in turn educate the children.

Education and information are the best forms of birth control. Ignoring the problem doesn't mean that it isn't happening.

I do agree with Spud Henry that church personnel should not become politically involved and that women are not solely responsible. All people need to be better informed of the consequences of their actions.

I do not see, however, how Planned Parenthood can "contaminate the tranquility of our community." If everything is so tranquil, it is because eyes are closed, backs are turned and mouths are closed as to what is actually going on in the community.

If you refuse to let someone with the knowledge come in and educate the children, then the community must start taking responsibility for its actions and/or inaction.

Lendee Beugelink, Scottsdale

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