Thank You, Veterans, For Our Freedom



Every day, we hear about another soldier being killed. With Veterans Day coming around the corner, I can't help but think of the Vietnam war, and what my friends went through in that war.

Classmates, schoolmates, special friends that never returned and a fiancé who returned but was never the same. The Vietnam war changed many lives. I hope this war isn't a repeat, but ends soon.

Every trip I take to Washington, D.C., I visit the Vietnam Memorial wall and touch the names of my friends that include a grade school classmate Johnny Owen. Think of all the families and friends of the soldiers in Iraq and what they must be going thru. So, as Veterans Day comes around, let's all say a prayer and be thankful for our freedom. Freedom is not free -- it comes from many lives being taken too soon.

I'd like to say thank you to my "special" friend, USAF Technical Sgt. Bobbi Morris, stationed at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota. To all military armed forces serving to keep us safe, "Thank You". We are praying for you. Veterans, "Thank You" for what you have done for our freedom. God Bless America!

Vivian L. Burdette, Payson

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