Are Lower Income Residents More Likely To Vote?



Don Castleman's well-taken letter, "Property owners put Bush in office," intrigued me, particularly some of Professor Olson's analysis.

As Professor Olson sizes it up, the majority of people in Bush territory own property and pay taxes on this. The Gore contingent was more concentrated in areas of tenements (rents) and government-subsidized housing.

There were roughly 12.5 percent more people in the Bush counties (143 million vs. 127 million), yet Gore received more popular votes.

Does this mean that people who receive government benefits are more likely to vote than the people who pay for those benefits? At least, that is the conclusion I draw.

Perhaps there is a message here for those residents of Payson who complain about the high cost and waste in government, yet fail to vote.

Dan Adams, Payson

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