Christmas Decorating Turns Wacky



At least a dozen people showed up to help put holiday decorations along the highway Saturday.

Some of the ladies seemed to have a problem. Karen Thorton said that she, Judy Toole and Karen Schmitt thought they carefully thought it through when they hung several sets of lights in the trees. But, when they finished they had put the plug up on top of the trees and had to start over. Karen said it would not have been so bad if it was in a place easy to reach, but they were on a steep hill by the Christopher Creek Bible Church.


After a hard day of decorating the community, residents got treated to Gary Anderson's delicious chili.

The ladies may have had their problems, but Friday a few of the men -- Gary Anderson, Ken and Dave Ezzell and Chuck Schmitt --eaded out with the large displays and began to hang them. It seems the large candy canes they hung on the fence were upside down for a day and the letters that were supposed to spell out Joy just said Jo. (The "y" was being repaired.)

Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving comes around all the kinks will be worked out. If not, it will be a funny holiday.

As you drive by, you will notice some new decorations. They were donated by Vicki Grootegood who made these really nice displays. Be sure and thank her when you see her.

Fall clean up

Saturday, Nov. 22. is fall clean up. Bring your bagged leaves and needles to the dumpster on Columbine beginning at 8 a.m. Don't forget there will be a 25 cent per bag charge to help pay for the dumpster.

Day after Thanksgiving

Friday Nov. 28, the lights go on at dusk to celebrate the holiday season and ASU's victory over the "Mildcats."

Christmas party

Saturday, Dec. 13, the Christmas Party begins at 3 p.m. at the fire station for the children. They are to bring two food items for the food boxes that they will be decorating. Santa will arrive at 4 p.m. depending on traffic to chat with all the little ones.

At 5 p.m., everyone -- parents, grandparents, and residents -- is invited to come and have a bowl of soup or chili, (bring a plate of cookie) and at 6 p.m., everyone piles on the CCHA trailer for a hayride and to make a joyful sound through the community (I'll leave my husband home -- he sings like a cat crying).

Come and participate in whatever you can.

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