New Beginnings Proof Of Payson's Compassion



This letter is in response to a letter from a lady who grew up in Payson who now resides in Scottsdale. A lot of things have developed here in Payson that she is unaware of.

One of the things that has been instituted here is that we have a well-organized Christian care center named the New Beginnings that was organized by Dean Schlosser -- place where expectant mothers can go for advice and to help save the unborn babies from abortion. That is a far cry from what Planned Parents would do.

Our eyes here in Payson are definitely not closed. The proof is that at the New Beginning banquet that we had last month is that we had about two hundred supporters or more, even though the speeches were boring.

I am pleased that in Judgment Day we won't have to stand before our Master and be blamed for killing a baby that had every right to life. God giveth and only God taketh away.

"Spud" Henry, Payson

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