Stop Payson From Becoming Another Sedona



The community center is back in full swing.

Why wasn't it on the voting ballot several weeks ago? Could it be because "they" knew it had a chance of being voted down? I know "they" say that "they" did not have the feasibility study. They didn't?

I do not think we are all against the community center. There may be some who like the idea, and others who don't. However, it is my opinion that they don't want us to vote on it. It is our political right and obligation to have a vote and we should be heard. They seem to want to put this through using the back door.

The center will cost us over $9 million. I guess they will use the reserve account to make up the difference, like when we voted down the library, police station and fire station. These were built anyway, neglecting the needs of our community. The money was pulled from our reserves, leaving them lacking.

Maybe it doesn't really matter if we vote or not. Could it be the time for change in our town's elected and paid officials? It appears by their actions that they cannot hear us. They seem to want what they want at any cost. Our tax dollars are out of control. We just keep on spending as if we had a golden goose. The only golden goose I see is us, and we have just about laid our last egg.

Wakey, wakey, Payson. I had a broker in town tell me that Payson was going to be the next Sedona, but even higher dollar.

Every day, people like me and you could not live here, but would have to live outside the town limits. We will have to drive to work in the city and pay taxes to a city we cannot even afford to live in.

Payson, only we can make the difference.

"Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."

We can turn this around if we work together and elect people in our town who are for the people, and not special interest groups. We can do this if we voice our opinion and vote. We are the only ones who can change the way things are going. Let us pay the price of freedom, voice our opinion, and vote.

Diana Sexton, Payson

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