Board's Decision Applauded



I read in the online version of the Roundup that the PUSD officials are being blasted for changing the two-week fall break to a one-week break.

I personally applaud the decision.I am a former teacher at Pine-Strawberry School.When the PSS followed PUSD's lead and went to the two-week breaks, it cut our summerignificantly shorter.A by-product of that was that I lost a $5,000 per summer job with the USGS.The USGS claimed they would no more than get me trained and I'd have to leave to come back to teaching.

Did Pine School increase my pay by $5,000 to make up for the loss? Even though I was under contract roughly the same number of teaching days, those teaching days were spread out over a larger portion of the calendar year. Of course Pine School didn't pony-up an extra five grand. They didn't have it to pony-up, and I certainly can't fault them for that.

Not every teacher in northern Gila County is married to a spouse thatakes a bunch of money in their job. There are some men who teach, and whose wives still stay home with the kids. The $5,000 hit that my family took when Pine went to the modified school year was a BIG one.

I'm also curious. Did the PUSD survey go to Pine parents, since Pine automatically adopts the same calendar as Payson? I know at least one set of parents in Pine who did not like the two-week breaks and very explicitly reminded me that Pine parents do not have representation or voice on the Payson school board.

If you're going to increase the percentage of the year that teachers are under contract, then you need to raise pay accordingly. Some teachers count on summer jobs to make ends meet. Thank you PUSD for righting a previous wrong.

Chris Kline, Kearny, Ariz., Former Pine/Strawberry School teacher

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