Clearing Up Some Misconceptions



I would like to make a few comments pertaining to the article in Friday's Roundup regarding the proposed rate increase requested by Brooke Utilities.

Let me start by expressing my appreciation to the three individuals who have followed through on the Intervention requirements, I wish all of you success in getting Mr. Hardcastle to answer your questions, and in getting the ACC to address the problem appropriately.

Now, let me attempt to correct Robert Cassaro regarding his statement that "all that is going to happen on Dec. 8 (in Pine) is an opportunity for people to vent," you are quite mistaken, a great deal more than "venting" is about to occur, and it all starts on Nov. 24 with a town meeting for the purpose of organizing our community to deal with our water problems.

Not only will we address the need to participate in the Public Comment Meeting on Dec. 8, but also we will discuss several alternatives which many of us would like to explore, and to do so, requires the full participation of the residents of Pine and Strawberry, so if you really want to take control of our water problem and help find a solution, be there.

Regarding Hardcastle's comment that "no amount of planning, study and capital investment can change hydrological reality" may I suggest that Hardcastle obtain a copy of the hydrology study done by Morrison and Maierle for the Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District. Perhaps if he read this report he would sing a different tune, because there is water under the Rim, and lots of it, and, it is available if someone chose to develop the potential. Apparently Brooke Utilities chooses not to.

Jim Estess, Pine

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