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Thank you for running the article on the School Calendar for 2004-05. I found it very interesting. It seems to me that committees are formed, work is put in, recommendations made, and it really does not matter. Why have any committee at all? It seems that a select group of people are making the decisions anyway. Lets stop asking teachers, community members, parents and staff to sit in on a committee. We might even save money on electricity and paper if we stop having people sit to warm a chair for a committee, maybe the teachers could get a raise then.

The board is going to be easily swayed just by a few phone calls anyway -- after the fact. Don't be fooled that this calendar year was "passed" by the board. In fact, the old one was "thrown" out and they decided what was going to be the new calendar.

This school board is nothing more than a government group. "They" know what is best for the children. Never mind that teachers, principals and others have degrees, are intelligent, work in the classroom and have hands-on experience with these students. Why bother asking the teachers, "How are your kids when they come back from break?" Do they retain what they learned two weeks prior? Are they refreshed and excited to continue on with their education? No, don't bother asking those that know and have experience.

Something deeper is at the root of this "change."

s. Daniel's remarks about "the students could have filled in the form." Blame the kids. Never mind that the test scores for the past few years have gone up and we are above the state averages. Yes, blame all the kids for this positive feedback for the calendar change. What interest do the kids have in this? Most high school kids would want more summer, and of course all the elementary kids are wanting those two weeks off, especially those that can read the form.

Get real, school board. Come back to the community. You wanted this modified school year to begin with, you got it, now stick with it, stand up and be counted and show our community that they matter -- first!

There is more to this than meets the eye. I don't think the center of this change has anything to do with what has been reported. Find and read the minutes of the school board meeting.

Shawn Thomas, A concerned parent and community member

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