Stolen Tools Recovered, Suspects At Large


A quick response by an alert resident and law enforcement recovered several thousand dollars worth of stolen tools early Tuesday morning.

"We were all out on patrol and a call came out about a burglary in progress at Billy Bolt's tool shop," Payson Police Sgt. Rod Mamero said.

A man living near the tool shop in Bonanza Square heard noises and saw a flashlight inside the shop.

The Payson police, Tonto Apache police and the Gila County Sheriff's office responded and blocked off any escape route.

"We heard the suspects were driving northbound on Colcord in a smaller-sized Toyota, Nissan or Ford Ranger pickup," Mamero said.

With every possible exit blocked and none of the officers encountering the truck, they believed the suspects had parked somewhere.

"We worked our way back toward the scene," Mamero said. "We started checking hoods on every car we could find."

Mamero spotted a small truck parked in an apartment complex parking lot.

"I put my hand on the hood and the engine was warm and everything else was cold and covered with rain," he said. "I looked toward the back and saw a whole bunch of expensive levels."

The levels were sticking out from a tarp. Below the tarp were several boxes of power tools.

The owner was called to the scene and identified the stolen tools.

"We are confident it took two or three individuals to move this amount of stuff in that amount of time," Mamero said.

Officers impounded the truck. Specifics about the vehicle are being withheld due to the ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call Payson police at (928) 474-5177.

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