Water Shortage Is An Illusion Caused By Waste



I have written the Roundup several times about how we in the arid Southwest can dramatically reduce our water needs by 90 to 95 percent. These methods apply not only to Payson, but to Phoenix Metro as well -- but later on. They have got the water -- for now, and only for now.

No one at all has attempted to refute or discredit my claims by any means other than sarcasm and mindless, uninformed scoffing.

When are the official water folks going to engage in a dialog in this matter? What are they afraid of? So far, their failure to respond is wholly characteristic of those who are cursed with ignorance and a profound lack of imagination.

Are all these folks addicted to golf to the degree that they are not willing to give up this game? It's only a game.

I, too, am an old-timer pretty well set in my ways. But I know very well when it is time to jump off the boat, namely, when it is on a loser's collision course.

Allen N Wollscheidt, Chandler/Payson

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